All images are original creations of the artist Karen Hitt.
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Karen Ann Hitt- First Snows First Light- Studio
First Snows First Light
16x20" Oil on Linen
~ Fresh Off The Easel Studio Work ~

Painted from the plein air reference while spending a month in and around the Tetons National Park.  Here the majestic Cathedrals with the first snows fresh dusting, in contrast to the glazier snow always visible through out the year.  This morning crisp and cold for this Florida Artist, 29 degrees.  Heading out before the sunrise in order to catch the first light on the first snow.  The day was filled with amazing life time memories as the Caribou bellowed to the mornings light too.  A glorious day, a glorious view, where the mountains majesty literally make your eyes water. Photographs never pay justice to the scale, a major goal in this painting was to not only capture the light, but to capture the texture, and grandeur of this eye watering scene.... for more on this painting you may contact the Hughes Gallery or the Artist for more information.