"Artist Studio Life With Lemon And Blues Choices"


was recently published in Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine article "Art In Good Taste" by Max Gilles Volume 13 Issue 3. Available through Hughes Gallery Inc. in Boca Grande Fl. See more  information on this painting: here


Plein Air:

1967 Classic For The Forth Of July by K Hitt Copyright 2018

1967 Classic For The 4th Of July; Plein Air Oil 6x6"


First Lights First Snow Copyright2018 K Hitt

First Snows First Light 16x20 Studio Oil On Linen by Karen Ann Hitt

copyright K Hitt 2017

Last Light-Forgotten Coast 30x40" Oil on Linen by Karen Ann Hitt Featured Artwork

full story on the creation of this painting (here)

A small sampling of paintings fresh off of the easel. New additions will continually be added, please continue to visit. I am honored by your visit and consideration. Thank you!" (this remains an 'in the works' portion of this website. If you have any questions on any image seen here at AnOriginalHitt, please contact the artist)

2018 Karen Hitt 2017 Karen Hitt 2016 Karen Ann Hitt Plein Air Oil

2005 Karen Hitt original painting2014 Karen Hitt

2005 Karen Hitt original painting2014 Karen Hitt2005 Karen Hitt original painting2018 Karen Hitt original painting

2014 Karen Hitt2014 Karen Hitt


Fresh Paintings Stories:

"Pammy- Entertaining Angels Unaware"

an alla-prima portrait of the artist' beloved sister 18"x24" Oil on Linen the last painting of 2015  " "Entertaining Angels Unaware" is a long awaited series of studio paintings planned for Dec. 2017.  Unplanned- Pammy- Entertaining Angels Unaware being the first painting in it, and that it was executed alla-prima. Alla Prima, meaning all at once, in regards to its execution. Therefore, this painting very impressionistic with looser detail and brushwork. Pammy, on her dear life long friends sailboat. When asking if they had been updated on Pammy, his wife informed me that he had also passed, the same morning as my sister.  Two dear souls and a homage to them sailing home.'-K

The first Painting Painted on the USA Honeymoon Journey:

"Angel Oak" Plein Air Oil on Linen 8.5x20" is available. To paint this 400+ year old live oak tree en plein air, was the requested birthday gift this year.  Enlarge this image to see that there are three figures as a part of the painting. They are a MUST to illustrate the scale of this majestic beauty named 'Angel Tree' ... It certainly is a gift to behold in the Charleston SC area, a must see!! Honored this painting was published in the October/November Issue of Plein Air Magazine.

Painters Paradise, in the making this picture shows how the Plein Air Paintings, are executed in the field...

and  I am honored it has been published in the October November issue of Plein Air Magazine

pick up your Magazine issue to discover how to make your own painters paradise too.  Also you can visit my blog for more details.

Painter's Paradise debuted at 25th Annual Oil Painters of America National Exhibit and is now kept as a keepsake in the collection of the Artist

Featured Art "Boundless"


update: "Boundless" sold and here is how it looks at its forever homes roost...

48w x 60h" Oil on Linen. Illustrating a domino effect of events leading up to Karen's one women exhibit

"At That Moment..." Solo Exhibit 2015 was a  date set in 2013 as Karen was about to embark on a five month solo journey that even she had no idea the depth of all about to unfold. The same as a photo couldn't capture this view, it had to be painted!-- A photo does not do the painting justice. Its new home does though.  "Very honored by its roost.

The recent  "Entering Hill Country Skies" Oil on Linen. also sold- to a private collection that hosts one of the artist' that I journeyed to Seattle Washington to view; Nicolai Fechin. I am very honored that this painting now shares a home with one of his works of art." See more 'fresh' off the easel images below...

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.  Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge.  They have no speech, they use no words; no sound is heard from them.  Yet their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world...--Psalm 19:1-4a