2014 Karen Hitt

Adirondacks High Life

Plein Air Oil on Linen 9x20 inches Sold
~ painted while at the Publishers Invitational of High Falls from across the river, so could capture the other artist painting on location that day. This waterfall one of many highlights of the journey. This painting will be a tool for the studio version of this view where you can see better by a larger studio scale the artist depicted here. Eric Koppel just one of the artist here in the view. Another painting from this location shows the entire falls, "High Falls" is 250 feet straight up. The jest the artist with gear make today, heading down to the base of the falls; 250 steps down and 450 steps back up! If you notice, in this view I was also able to depict those steps, another goal. The opportunity to follow some of the steps of the great landscape painters of our time, is a gift without measure, and always worth every step it takes to get there. ~

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